GrowLife, Inc. Files Patent on a Standardized Vertical Grow Room Farming System

Leading Indoor Cultivation Supplier Files Patent Application on Revolutionary Vertical Farming System Designed for High Efficiency and Consistent Quality Cannabis Production

KIRKLAND, Wash. – July 5, 2018 – GrowLife, Inc. (OTCQB: PHOT), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation product and service providers, today announced that it has filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on a highly efficient and scalable vertical cultivation system. The Automated Indoor Cannabis Growing Facility is designed to produce high quality, consistent and cost-effective cannabis.

The product development division of the company, GrowLife Innovations (“Innovations”), focuses on solutions for production inefficiencies through development of proprietary “industry-changing” products, such as the Automated Indoor Cannabis Growing Facility included in this patent application. This patent-pending system will help further GrowLife’s mission by decreasing production costs and increasing yield, while remaining competitively priced and generating new streams of revenue for the company.

“GrowLife is committed to bringing innovative new technologies and solutions to the indoor cultivation industry,” said GrowLife CEO Marco Hegyi. “As the regulated cannabis industry continues to grow, we expect to see an increase in supply that will force prices down. Our next-generation system will include an artificially intelligent operating system with a rules-based engine to optimize cultivation and reduce genetic drift, new efficient cost-saving lighting methods and heat displacement technology to help our customers provide a high-quality product while increasing gross profits. This new production technology will maximize the potential yield based on cubic volume, not just linear square footage, at a fraction of the cost. ‘Game-changing’ is a fair statement to describe this new technology, and we look forward to bringing it to market this year.”

Innovations has become an integral part of the company’s market execution plan for the future. Managed by world-class engineers and developers alongside cannabis growing experts, Innovations is developing products that focus on bringing costs down for cultivators, while producing the highest quality and quantity of final product. GrowLife understands that indoor plant cultivation is not just another growing method, but a necessity in this industry to meet the ever-expanding supply demands.

For more information about GrowLife, including the CEO’s most recent video statement, visit the company’s website. Products can be purchased at

About GrowLife, Inc.

GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) aims to become the nation’s largest cultivation service provider for cultivating organics, herbs and greens and plant-based medicines. Our mission is to help make our customers successful. Through a network of local representatives covering the United States and Canada, regional centers and its e-Commerce team, GrowLife provides essential goods and services including media, industry-leading hydroponics and soil, plant nutrients, and thousands more products to specialty grow operations. GrowLife is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington and was founded in 2012.


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