GrowLife, Inc. Launches Line of Eco-Friendly Products to Meet Growing Demand for Sustainability in Indoor Cultivation Practices

KIRKLAND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) (“GrowLife” or the “Company”), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation product and service providers, today announced the launch of a new line of sustainable eco-friendly products for the indoor cultivation market. These new products will allow GrowLife’s customers to play a role in providing a greener economic footprint compared to traditional indoor cultivation methods while remaining efficient on output and profitability.

The new product line was strategically curated by the Company’s expert growing consultancy team to offer products that are not only high quality and affordable, but also offer significantly decreased environmental impacts compared to traditional products.

The product line, which features products from all categories of indoor growing, includes items such as lighting, nutrients and growing mediums, climate control devices, and overall plant care products. The Company saw an unmet need in the indoor cultivation market, which faces consistent criticism for its environmental footprint, for high-quality, sustainable products that yield similar output results as traditional products. The Company understands the demand for these types of products will continue to increase as end consumers’ demand for green practices increases following national trends toward sustainability.

“GrowLife is committed to offering its customers innovative technologies and products that help them to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability while satisfying their end consumers,” said GrowLife CEO Marco Hegyi. “The launch of this product line assists in that commitment by offering a sustainable solution with all of the efficient production benefits our customers expect. These green products will enable our customers to make the important shift to more sustainable indoor growing practices that will garner more trust from their customers while preparing them for any further regulatory and social obligation placed on this industry with respect to sustainability.”

In addition to the product line, the Company will offer eco-friendly growing tips and resources to its customers through its renowned support and education platform. For more information on the GrowLife ECO line or to purchase products, please visit

For more information about GrowLife Inc., please visit the company’s website.

About GrowLife, Inc.

GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT) aims to become the nation’s largest cultivation service provider for cultivating organics, herbs and greens and plant-based medicines. Our mission is to help make our customers successful. Through a network of local representatives covering the United States and Canada, regional centers and its e-Commerce team, GrowLife provides essential goods and services including media, industry-leading hydroponics and soil, plant nutrients, and thousands more products to specialty grow operations. GrowLife is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington and was founded in 2012.


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