GrowLife, Inc. Announces Subscription Service Launch Through E-Logistics Platform for Commercial Growers

Leading Hydroponic Equipment Supplier Launches Cloning Supplies Subscription Service  for Commercial Plant Cultivators

KIRKLAND, Wash. – March 28, 2019 — GrowLife, Inc. (OTC: PHOT) (“GrowLife” or the “Company”), one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation product and service providers, today announced that the company has launched a subscription service for consumable cloning supplies as part of its EZ-Clone commercial propagation equipment line. Through its e-logistics platform, commercial cannabis and hemp cultivators will be able to subscribe to monthly shipments that include all of the products necessary to clone plants at a discounted price.

GrowLife has been focused on building its product offering for cloning and propagation through its recently acquired EZ-Clone Enterprises product line. The products are designed to help commercial plant cultivators decrease costs associated with cloning plants. The Company offers two subscription packages specific to the EZ-Clone unit the customer is using. Customers can select the Commercial Pro unit or the EZ-Clone 128. The packages include automatic shipments of all nutrients and collars needed to produce two cycles of clones in a given month.

GrowLife created this subscription service as a result of an increased demand for cloning supplies and to create recurring revenue for the Company. This new subscription service provides customers with a turn-key solution to run their EZ-Clone units.

“We have observed a spike in demand for commercial cloning systems and this subscription service allows us to service these customers without additional overhead cost,” said GrowLife Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Joe Barnes. “Our newly launched e-logistics program achieves just that. We are excited to fulfill cultivators’ requirements for consumables in a very efficient manner. This subscription service allows us to offer the best price on these packages while creating a strong consumer base. Specifically, hemp cultivators are turning to cloning as a way to meet production goals with healthy and consistent plants.”

The Company has seen significantly increased interest in these commercial units since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S., legalizing commercial hemp cultivation, as well as in Canada after the legalization of adult-use cannabis late last year. New Frontier Data estimates that the U.S. hemp cannabidiol (CBD) market alone will reach $1.3 billion by 2022 due to legalization. Cultivators will need to increase production to meet demand and the EZ-Clone product is specifically designed with this goal in mind.

Visit the Company’s website for more information on its new subscription service.

For more information about GrowLife, including the CEO’s most recent video statement, visit the company’s website. Products can be purchased at in the U.S. and in Canada.


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