A Business Model
For Changing Times

GrowLife is the recognized leader in the specialty hydroponics industry, delivering top-quality indoor and outdoor growing equipment to large-scale farmers, mid-sized growers and independent horticulturalists.

But GrowLife is more than just about cultivating crops. We're cultivating a new generation of smart business people. Entrepreneurs with the vision to take advantage of our changing times.

As the leader in hydroponics, we're teaching growers of all sizes how to cultivate business from the ground up. We're showing them how to grow plants that thrive. We're giving them access to the best technology, equipment and knowledge.

And most importantly, we're doing something no one has done before. We're financing their business dreams.It's a new business plan for a new industry. One that's expected to reach $10.2 billion by 2018. Welcome to the next generation of entrepreneurship.

GrowLife Inc. is publicly traded on the OTC market under the symbol PHOT.